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Sep. 14th, 2017 05:34 pm
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Anyway, so Hurricane Irma happened. I spent several days at my friends' house, being nervous (before the storm) and exhausted (after the storm). The power went out Sunday night as the winds began to howl overhead. Luckily Monday, after the storm had passed, was breezy and relatively nice even without power, and when I went home Tuesday morning, my power was restored.

But that's luck.

I live in a Tree City, and everywhere old oaks lie cracked in yards or near roadways. The neighbors behind me never do treework at all despite a yard full of aged water oaks, and as in Matthew last year, half of one of the oaks fell on my back fence. La la la.

No, seriously, la la la, because my neighbor across the street (who also doesn't have tree work done) had HER giant oak snap off near the roots, and it rests partially on her house. She is staying with church friends, possibly for a long time.

Master Danger and I are back to almost normal, except for the hum of generators nearby and roads unexpectedly closed by trees and a few local shops still not blessed with power. My current project is to buy a new mattress, because after last week's hotel stays and the weekend's stay at my friends', the inadequacy of my own bed is making itself felt. OUCH.

May you only have the best of breezes this week!

Canarywave Aerial AU

Sep. 7th, 2017 10:26 pm
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I saw Cirque du Soleil Ovo last night and got inspired for a little Canarywave. (Images are not mine.)

Canarywave Aerial AU

Sara Lance and Mick Rory were partners in every sense of the word. With the amount of trust they needed for their aerial act, they had to know each other better than they knew themselves. And they did. They loved and supported each other through every performance and they physically supported each other using only ropes, a hoop, or a bar and their own strength.


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